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New Identity for Romanians Week
Hamilton, Ontario became for an entire week a strong focus of attraction for all Romanian communities established abroad. Between the 21st and the 28th of August 2005, Hamilton hosted the very first edition of "Săptămâna Românilor" ("Romanians Week"), a cultural event which brought together Romanians from all over the world.

A great number of Romanian and Canadian personalities – artists, writers, publicists – were invited to attend the meetings and conferences which debated the issue of Romanian emigration and its relations with the local authorities. The outcome of this particular event was the clear-cut formulation of the demands of Romanian communities in an elaborate, concise and straight-forward "Resolution", requiring that the Romanian society should recognize and grant emigrants equal rights as their compatriots.

We have created and applied a fresh identity concept in order to emphasize the friendly spirit of this meeting, which was by no means confined to political issues.

We have actually built and launched this brand and developed the promotional campaign materials, which also covered the various advertisements announcing this public event via international media.

This particular sponsorship is just one of our several initiatives aiming to help non-governmental and not-for-profit Romanian organizations accomplish their missions.

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